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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


Hiring a family wellness consultant and or heath coach can help you in many ways to optimize your wellness. At Elite Wellness Performance a lifestyle specialist or health coach can pinpoint areas of health concern to help set an action plan
Health and wellness relies on a preventative and proactive mindset

The first step in taking action is the movement.


I take action, I realize that the primary step is that the most vital,

Newton’s first law of Motion states:

“A body in motion remains in motion unless it's acted on by an external force. If the body is at rest it remains at rest”.

Once you start it's easier to remain in motion, but the foremost difficult part is the first movement — the primary action. Little by little your actions will gather momentum, and before you recognize it, you'll have achieved your goals.

A wise friend once said, “It’s only by beginning to walk on the trail that you simply know if you've taken the right path.”

Make a start.


I remind myself that being successful isn't necessity but choice. Most of the items that frustrate us and irritate us are completely self-inflicted. They are standards and goals we set for ourselves and if we don’t achieve them, we are disappointed, upset and annoyed! So, rather than saying things like “I need to finish this work” or “I got to write one chapter of my book before I can go have fun” change it to “I want.” Once you empower yourself to form your own choices, these jobs and tasks become easier. This step proves that taking action creates success.

Here are some examples:

“I want to end this work before I relax with the family because I do know I can then devote my time and a spotlight to them afterwards.”

“I want to write down one chapter of my book because I enjoy writing and I will be happy if I achieve this.”

Stop expecting the right time to succeed in Your Goal!

There's no perfect timing or condition. If you would like to realize what you would like in life, you want to start to figure it now!

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