Services Description


Here is some additional information on each of the services that Bucky Markus provides 

The best way to learn more is to contract Bucky for a complimentary appointment

  • Consultations
  • Assessments
  • Plans
  • Nutrition-Fitness-Wellness consultations are customized to each persons goals and needs. 

  • Assessments are can be done either in person or telephonically depending upon the service or goal of individual

  • Customized plans can be created to any level of goal, athlete or health need. Typically a 1 month or 3 month protocol is set


Metabolic Typing Nutrition
  • Metabolic typing is a customized and personalized nutritional strategy that follows the path that we all have highly indivualized nutritional requirements.

  • This process involves teaching each individual how to apply highly customized meals in an effort to achieve optimal weight and health.

Sports Performance Packages 
  • Performance Nutrition packages are available for every sport and vary depending the athletes goals, needs and budget. 

  • Each package will be customized for each athlete and wil be delivered via mail, online and telephonically. 

  • Athletes will typically receive a dietary analysis, complete assessment, supplement schedue, starter menu plans, multiple consultations and more depending on the package selected. 


Wellness Services
  • Wellness Services may include: metabolism measurements, lab testing using take home kits, specific health issue consulting, supplements review or recommendations, stress management techniques, cleanse or detox programs and much more




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