How to build muscle

May 1, 2013



There is an entire industry based on one thing, getting you more muscle. There is everything out there from push up machines to bad tasting liquids you have to drink throughout the day. The truth is building muscle is comes down to work in the gym and diet. Both are equally important to get the most pump and one will not work without the other. Without the right foods to back up a proper workout you will be limiting the muscle you can build.Apro muscle diet is extremely different from a normal diet. When you work out hard in the gym you are breaking down your muscles and those broken down muscles rely on protein as well as other nutrients to fill in the gaps to make you bigger. Since you will be working out more to build muscle you will require more calories. Try tracking what you eat for 1 week then add on an extra 300 calories per day. One of the most important things you can put in your mouth to build muscle is protein. The amino acids in protein will give your body what it needs to increase muscle mass. Protein from red meat will give your body vitamin B12 and good heme iron, both of which will boost your energy for workouts. Eat small meals throughout the day to discourage fat gains. Remember since you are consuming more calories you will need a workout program to convert those calories you take in into pumped up muscle.Exercising is the main key to building muscle, if you take in all the protein and excess calories mentioned above and not work out it will convert to fat. However if you increase protein and calorie intake as well as workout properly you will gain muscle. When working out concentrate on large muscle groups and challenge them on individual days. For example workout your chest and shoulders the first day, then workout the legs and back the second day while giving the chest and shoulders a rest. Alternate days and be sure to give yourself days to rest in between cycles. Use workouts with high weight and low reps to encourage muscle growth. Make movements slowly and controlled we are trying to build muscle not power, the longer the contraction the more pump. Try using a cadence of 2 seconds up / 1 second hold / 2 seconds down. Find at least 4 days per week to follow a guided workout plan under professional guidance to build the most muscle and get the most from your time in the gym.Remember there are plenty of things on the market promising you big muscle gains but remember the most important muscle gainer is YOU! You control your calorie intake and you control your workouts. By increasing protein intake and following the proper exercise advise you will see muscle gains you and others will notice.Tips:Intake 1.5 grams of protein per 1Kg of body weight per dayEat lean cuts of meat to increase protein and decrease fat intakeLook to red meats to supply muscle building nutrientsWorkout large muscle groups and rest them the next day i.e. Chest and Shoulders vs. Legs and BackUse the cadence of 2 seconds up / 1 second hold / 2 seconds down for maximum muscle gains


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