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5 secrets to finding happiness

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Happiness is a vast and subjective but one thing is for sure in that you need to be respectively healthy in order to enjoy your happiness to the fullest extent. Obtaining the services of a family wellness consultant at Elite Wellness performance is a great first step to take
What is happiness? Its personal! Its also a function of your functional health and balance in your life

5 secrets to find happiness:

We often think certain things will make us happy; that car, that job, that partner. But if happiness is found outside of us can we ever be truly happy within ourselves? If happiness came from within, not from possessions or the actions of others, how would this be achieved? Wouldn't it be more stable and sustainable than trying to find it in other places?

Here are the Top 5 Secrets to Finding Happiness:

1: Know what you would like.

This might sound obvious, but as we grow old, we frequently get less clear on what we would like and focus more on what we don’t have. Yes, there could be barriers; the mortgage must get paid, the youngsters must be taken care of, your boss might notice if you stop getting to work. But within all of this what's important to you, what impact would it have if you achieved it and the way might it fit together with your life now? Once you shift your focus from what you don't need to what you would like, possibilities start to develop and life feels happier.

2: Be present.

Spending time thinking about our current experience can help with our happiness levels. If you spend less time brooding about the past or worrying about the longer term, then more of your effort and focus can enter the present moment. Plan how you would like things to be then spend some time enjoying every moment of it.

3: Be brave.

You would possibly have heard this, but people that are coming to the top of their days don’t mention the items they regretting doing, they regret the items they didn’t do. Fear, consequences, time, others expectations, there are many reasons why we don’t do things. But if we more frequently put the barriers to at least one side and took action, we may have less to regret later and more to celebrate now.

4: Choose your friends wisely.

Research suggests that we are most just like the five people we spend the foremost time with. Emotion is contagious and if you spend time with negative, inactive or critical people don’t be surprised if you become one. Hunt down and spend time with the type of individuals you would like to be like, and it shall be so.

5: Be your biggest fan.

We might not think ourselves a really nice person. The more positive and supportive you'll be to yourself and about yourself, the happier you'll feel.

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