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weight loss will fail without this one thing

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Maintaining hydration is the simple answer, however, there is a bit more to ponder.

The first thing we talk about is your water intake. Not only because getting this wrong can have dire consequences for your health, but because it's a relatively straightforward part of your journey to total wellness and weight loss. Before looking at how much water you need to drink every day, we need to discuss the type of water you consume.

Not all water is created equally.

Some are better for you than others, even if that water mostly looks and tastes the same. Good quality water is essential to maximize wellness, especially if you are an athlete. You should consume water that is clean and full of natural minerals, ideally with a reasonably high pH level so that it is alkaline for your body.

Highly processed water, such as bottled water, lack many of the minerals and nutrients that your body needs. It is often an expense you can live without. If you can find natural spring water locally, that is the best option of all. You will find a full range of minerals and other nutrients that can boost your body's health in these unprocessed water sources.

Drinking the right amount

Once you have found a suitable water source, knowing how much you need to drink to maintain hydration and lose weight each day is the next big step. As with all other aspects of your nutrition, this somewhat depends on your lifestyle. For most people, take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 0.66 to find the weight in ounces of your daily water consumption needs. If you are an athlete or extremely active during the day, then use 0.80 as the multiplying factor instead. Getting this right is extremely important. Not taking enough water, or drinking low-quality water, can cause a decline in your performance at every level and even begin to affect your overall health. You can spot if you are struggling with your water intake by assessing your urine. Light yellow urine means that you are hydrating effectively. However, if you find your urine is a dark yellow color, that is a sign of dehydration, and you need to quickly adjust your water intake.

Water for WEIGHT LOSS..

Throughout this process, you should never shift quickly to increase water consumption, as it can cause problems. Increase slowly over a month or more, allowing your body to acclimate to the new hydration levels. Remember, excellent water, in the right quantity, can change how your body feels and sheds pounds, but this is only the first step in finding the perfect nutrition regime for your needs. With all that said, your body will then be in a better position to give up some of those stubborn pounds. Your fat cells will shrink or get reduced, you will eat less and your energy levels will be higher so that you can stick with that new ambitious exercise program.

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